Brenton’s PTH100 systems provide customers with robotic material handling automation for products sterilized in large trays. Brenton’s robotics integration team utilizes its expertise to integrate robotics to load, stack, convey to processing, unstack, unload, and restack sterilized trays between the upstream and downstream operations. The PTH100 is a multiple robotic system in which the configuration centers on the type and size of the sterilized tray and required processes. These trays could hold syringes, medical devices, bottles or IV bags depending upon the customer’s application.

Features and Benefits

  • Automated robotic loading, unstacking, and restacking of sterilized trays integrated between upstream and downstream operations
  • Single factory acceptance testing and controls integration for entire PTH100 solution
  • Configured to each application specific to customer’s footprint and operations required
  • Intuitive HMI and Controls for easy operation
  • Inspection systems to ensure product quality