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Product Settler / Product Agitator A7

The Brenton A7 product settler / product settler is a compact machine utilizing controlled vibration principles to avoid case over-packing, allowing the case top flaps to close without interference from the product. Loose bagged products such as granola and french fries benefit from settling.

Unlike competitor settling operations that cause the entire machine to vibrate, Brenton's innovative technology ensures precise, focused vibration of only the rocker pulley system while the frame and components remain still, preserving the machine's integrity and longevity.

Customer Benefits

  • AC inverted motors with speed potentiometers for fine-tuning a variety of products
  • Sturdy frame construction of laser cut heavy gauge plate and solid bar stock materials for longevity
  • Allows high bypass of products and fluids on route to the floor
  • Absorbs typical vibration and noise
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  • Features & Specs:

    Footprint 48" x 28" x 48" (approx.)
    Speed Accommodates most packaging line production rates. Up to 100 cases/minute for ver small cases
    Product Type Variety of loose bagged food (i.e. potato chips, granola, candy, pasta, and frozen fruits, vegetables, french fries & chicken nuggets)
    Case Weight Designed to handle any case weight
    Case Type Accommodates virtually any case type
    Case Size Accommodates virtually any case size
    Frame Caron Steel (Gray Powder Coat)
    Electrical Requirements NEMA 12
    Air Requirements 7 CFM at 80 PSI
    Case Conveyance Application dependent: Stainless steel flight bars, or Conveyor chain with a high friction coefficient to insure positive case travel and case taper feeding
    Panel Start/Stop/E-stop panel.
    PLC controlled for special applications, including case indexing beneath scale for product loading and settling applications
    • Load Station
    • Taper
    • Overhead Control
    • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Available Machine Adjustments:

    • Manually adjust conveyor bed to case height relative to agitator bars
    • Manually adjust case side guides for various case widths and to increase or decrease case confinement for agitation
    • AC motor with VFD, provided for case conveyance over the agitator bars, can be adjusted to alter agitation duration
    • VFD drive or stepper motors provided for the agitation bar rotation can be adjusted from a very low range of RPM's to a very high range without the risk of stalling the motor, as would be the case on a vibrating platen vibrator
    • Mechanical agitation bar phase shifter allows adjustment of the agitation bars from 0 to 45 degrees out of phase

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