Beverage Packaging Industry

Brenton provides equipment to fit the needs of the beverage industry, with case packing equipment, shrink wrapping machines, robotic packaging systems, and palletizers. With each machine, the beverage industry saves on manual packing operations, saving time and money.

The case packing equipment provides the beverage industry with several packing equipment options. Top load case packers, side load case packers, and robotic case packers pack beverages by the case, meaning manufacturing and shipping is faster than ever. Because of the compact machines by Brenton, the beverage industry has more floor space to utilize.

Top load case packer, the Brenton L1000, has the ability to pack cartons, bags, pouches, trays, and flow wraps. In the beverage industry, packaging in bulk is necessary. As it automatically performs multiple packaging operations, such as case erecting, loading, sealing, and palletizing, beverages are quickly packaged and ready for shipping.

Side load case packers are also available by Brenton. With the Brenton Case Packer Series, these side load case packers are energy efficient and cost effective. The mechanical case packer, M1000, eliminates manual low speed hand pack operations. Performing multiple packaging operations, the beverage industry benefits from the elimination of manual pack operations.

Robotic Case Packers achieve operational efficiencies through its compact footprint, space flexibility, and incredible uptime. Accommodating a wide range of sizes, including cans and bottles, the beverage industry benefits from robotic case packers.