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Health Care Packaging Industry

Brenton Engineering specializes in case packing and robotic packaging equipment and integrated systems for numerous industries. Working hard to provide solutions that adhere to the strict standards of food, beauty, and healthcare products, Brenton’s team of experts work closely with partnering customers to ensure stringent guidelines are met and support them while they navigate important certification and approval processes.

Improving healthcare has contributed to people living longer. In fact, according to the US Census Bureau, people aged 65 and over accounted for around 8.5% of global population in 2015 and is projected to reach 12% by 2030. An aging population impacts consumption of packaged goods and demand for packaging machinery. The aging population is also driving demand for pharmaceutical products since elderly people are large consumers of healthcare and medical products. As our population continues to age with increasingly longer life spans, more dependency on pharmaceutical products will be necessary and in turn bolster demand for packaging machinery.

In the healthcare industry it’s crucial to prevent contamination of consumables. The need for improved hygiene is met by Brenton case packers and robotic systems that incorporate a reduced risk framework compared to other basic machines.

There has also been a major focus on improving the traceability of products across the supply chain. Brenton has extensive experience in designing, integrating and manufacturing legislative compliant end-of-line solutions for customers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. We recognize our customers’ challenges to comply with emerging global legislation. Brenton carefully and diligently reviews specifications and incorporates technology to meet the demanding requirements of pharmaceutical companies while ensuring high overall equipment effectiveness and maximum uptime. Brenton can support customers with appropriate plans as customers obtain FDA validation.

In the past, Brenton has developed complete end-of-line automated systems to pick and place pouched syringes and vials for a particular medication into cartons. The cartons then enter a case packer where they are loaded into a case then convey to a robotic palletizer to automatically be stacked on a pallet. The completed pallet is conveyed to a stretch wrapper to complete the process. Because many healthcare products have unique handling specifications, such as how the product must be displayed, Brenton’s engineers work closely with customers to ensure that whether by traditional or robotic means, products maintain their integrity.

We also help our customers to follow current single-dose packaging market trends. We offer a complete integrated packaging solution all the way from multilane stick pack machinery through to secondary packaging solutions including stick forming, filling, and sealing to collating, cartooning, case packing to palletizing. Brenton offers just one PO, one point of contact, and one point of responsibility and can provide IQ/PQ/OQ documentation for the entire line. Special collation conveyor feeding the cartoner is available so any stickpack quantity can be provided to cartoner. Furthermore, leaflet insertion with verification is available.

A complete integrated solution that incorporated an Inever PH600 stickpack machine ran single dose stickpacks. This healthcare packaging line included all the transfers from the Inever stick pack through to the stretch wrapper. The stickpack machine features servo piston fillers to ensure that there is optimum liquid handling into the stickpack with incredible accuracy and precision. After the Inever stickpack machine, the stickpacks are introduced into an infeed bucket conveyor that advances the to the loading station to be pushed into the carton while an advancing leaflet placer will places a leaflet onto the stack of product. Upon discharge from the cartoner, the product conveys to a check weigher then down through a bundler and down to a M2000 case packer. The case packer stacks and cross pushes the cartons into an existing case. After the case is sealed, it is sent out to be palletized and wrapped.

Our robotic packaging systems are infused with deep programming and integrating capabilities for vision guided pick-and-place. The FANUC integration into the robotic packaging systems has allowed customers to transform their packaging processes. Brenton offers a full line of solutions to meet your exact needs.

The robotic palletizing system offers multi-zoned vacuum, clamp style, or bag gripper capabilities. Features on this system include in-depth safety benefits, including a wire mesh fence, safety rated light curtains for pallet discharge openings, a polycarbonate enclosure, and more. Palletizing packing unique and fragile health care products is now simple and safe.

Robotic material handling systems offer a small footprint and simple programming. This machine is versatile for a wide range of applications, pick-and-place, sorting, and inter-plant routing for a variety of health care products. The material handling system is especially beneficial for handling hazardous, fragile, and potentially injury-causing materials, including repetitive motion exposure.

For added support and safety in the packaging/end of line processes, the vision guided packaging robot is the perfect solution. This machine combines machine vision and robots to propel your packaging line automation to a new level. Reliable and flexible, this system features high speeds and versatility and loads multiple case styles.