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Household Product Packaging Industry

With the various sizes and shapes of household products, proper packaging is imperative. Brenton manufactures case and tray packing, palletizing, and robotic solutions, ensuring products in the household products industry are safe, secure, and sealed.

End-of-line packaging solutions are ingrained in the heart of Brenton Engineering. Offering a variety of palletized packaging solutions, the household goods industry can rest assure the machines they are operating are built specifically for their needs. For effective and efficient machinery, Brenton offers case packing equipment to ensure household products are packed with care and precision. From the top load case packers to the side load and robotic case packers, when your machine is Brenton, you know your products will be properly packed.

Shrink wrapping machines are also available by Brenton. With household products, quick changeovers and tool-less part changes are necessary. With the shrink wrapping machines, Brenton uses machinery made for the ease of users. With the high speed shrink wrapper Series 90 and the heat shrink wrapping tunnel T280, not only do you get a quick changeover, but you get speeds up to 80 cycles per minute. Flexibility - that’s the Brenton mentality. Ready for all household products, the machinery you need for proper packing, shrinking, and palletizing is ready and able to work for you.

The robotic packaging systems come with a variety of options to choose from. Get the robotic packaging equipment that is best suited to meet your needs. Whether you need the deep robotic programming and integrating capabilities of Brenton packaging equipment or the vision guided pick-and-place for high speed packing of household products, Brenton has a system for every need.

The Robotic Material Handling Systems have a small footprint, variable speeds, and simple programming. Perfect for varied sizes and shapes of products, small scales, odd sizes, and randomly oriented pieces can be packaged without fear of leakage, puncture, or improper protection.

Robotic Case Packers incorporate robotics into packaging operations, gaining a global competitive advantage. As the robotic assets are re-deployable to accommodate a wide range of sizes and product types for the household products industry, such as carton, pouches, cans, bottles, etc., the robotic case packers achieve operational efficiencies through unsurpassed uptime.