Major Consumer Products Company Upgrades Their Case Packaging Operation

Project Overview:
A major consumer products company needed to upgrade their case packaging operation to increase flexibility and allow faster changeover in a nonstop manufacturing environment.

The Customer Challenge:
The customer planned to upgrade a case packer on one of their production lines, packing cartons of detergent into both cases and trays. The new case/tray packer had to accommodate a continuous steady state running for 3 shifts per day, 7 days per week and needed to accommodate 6 different size cartons and have an operating rate of 19 cases/tray per minute (up to 131 products per minute). The line switched product sizes up to 3 times per day, so the entire case/tray packer had to be capable of changing over from one container size to another and between cases and trays by one trained employee in less than 10 minutes. Changeover time was defined by the time from last good container of the old size to the discharge of the first container of the new size. Changeovers had to be simplified and automated as much as possible with no tools required to accomplish any replacement of any change part.

The Pro Mach Solution:

Brenton delivered a M2000 case packer designed to reach speeds of up to 23 cases per minute. The machine exceeded changeover expectations with just a 5 minute automated changeover on the main portion of the machine versus the old case packer changeover time of 30 minutes. This gave the customer an extra 75 minutes per day in additional capacity. Changeovers did not require any labor and resulted in the elimination of at least one employee.

Pro Mach Divisions Involved:
  • Brenton