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Major Poultry Company Looks For Integrated End of Line System

Project Overview:
A major poultry company was introduced to a Pro Mach multi-brand team by Ossid, with whom they have a longtime relationship. The meeting, which had representatives from all 3 Pro Mach Business Units, was to discuss End of Line automation that would follow an Ossid solution in the packaging line. Pro Mach was awarded the contract over 4 competitors based primarily on the strength of the relationship with Ossid.

The Customer Challenge:
This was the first time that the customer was going to purchase an integrated End of Line system. They created an automation council which looked extensively at various vendor solutions. The customer was only interested in working with a single supplier to upgrade automation and increase capacity. They requested an ROI of 25% on the integrated solution.

The Pro Mach Solution:
Brenton supplied a packaging and palletizing system for bags of chicken pieces operating at speeds up to 50 bags per minute. Pro Mach was the only competitor able to provide an integrated solution manufactured by same company. This integrated solution showed the customer an ROI of 50%.

Pro Mach Divisions Involved:
  • Wexxar
  • Belcor
  • ID Technology
  • Ossid
  • Orion
  • Brenton