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Paper Products Packaging Industry

Brenton Engineering specializes in end-of-line packaging solutions for the paper products industry. The paper products industry benefits from Brenton’s services through the variety of palletized packaging solutions for case packing equipment, shrink wrapping machines, and robotic packaging systems. If you are in the paper products industry and you need equipment to help organize your end-of-line packaging process, Brenton has the machinery you need.

From the case packing equipment and shrink wrapping machines to the robotic packaging systems and palletizers, the paper products industry requires organized, effective packaging solutions. The case packing equipment includes top load case packers, side load case packers, robotic case packers, and case packer add-ons. Brenton is the leader in the case packing industry and desires to see the paper products industry become the leader in its industry. When you use the case packing equipment from Brenton, you will experience top-notch end-of-line packaging processes.

The top load case packers BantamPro Case Packer Series ensures that all of your products are properly packaged for the organization and safety of paper products. The side load case packers BrentonPro Case Packer Series is flexible, energy efficient, cost effective, and conservative—with a small footprint. The side load case packers have the ability to pack over 75 cases and trays per minute, providing you and the paper products industry with high performance machinery. Load your paper products in multiple patterns in cases or trays on the same machine. Keeping your paper products organized and ready for customers, the side load case packers are perfect for meeting your paper product needs. The robotic case packers accommodate a wide range of sizes and product types. With these packers, the paper product industry can meet super store and retail demands.

The shrink wrapping machines from Brenton offer customers pack style flexibility with smooth product transfers. With the tender care that paper products require, using shrink wrapping machines for a solid shrink packaging experience is important. The high speed shrink wrapper Series 90 runs in continuous motion and can run up to 80 cycles per minute. The paper products industry benefits from the Series 90 as it quickly and effectively wraps products.

Robotic packaging systems provide efficiency at its finest. If you are in the paper products industry and you are looking for an effect means of palletizing, the robotic palletizing system from Brenton is the perfect solution. As a mixed layer palletizing system that is supported by multi-zoned vacuum, clamp style, or bag gripper, and engineered to meet customer requirements, this system ensures that paper products are gently handled in an organized, quick, and effective manner.

In fact, all of the palletizers from Brenton ensure quality packaging for your paper products. These palletizing solutions use rugged designed to maximize the reliability and value of machinery. Offering both conventional and robotic palletizing products, these palletizer provide you with capabilities and flexibility to meet all of your paper product needs.

The paper products industry requires the perfect blend of power and precision mixed with gentle care. And with Brenton Engineering, that’s exactly what you get.