Personal Care Packaging Industry

The personal care industry is comprised of a variety of products, ranging in size and shape. If you are looking for the perfect end-of-line machinery for your packaging solution, Brenton Engineering can meet your needs. With case packing equipment, shrink wrapping machines, and robotic packaging systems, ensuring that your personal care products remain safe and undamaged is a priority for Brenton.

The case packing equipment from Brenton offers you several methods of case packing your personal care products. The top load case packers range from a stand-alone case packer to a fully integrated case erector, case packer, case sealer, and palletizer. Conserving floor space, the top load case packers BantamPro Case Packer Series is the perfect choice for products in the personal care industry.

The small footprint case packer Brenton case packing machine can pack cartons, bags, pouches, trays, and flow wraps into more than two dozen pack patterns. If your personal care products fall into one of these categories, the Brenton L1000 is right for you. The compact, top load case packer BantamPro ELS accommodates RSC cases and automatically performs multiple packaging operations.

Side load case packers are also available within the case packing equipment for the personal care industry. The Brenton Case Packer Series is the result of extensive collaboration with customers to deliver benefits such as product simulation, superior collating methods, tool-less adjustments, and automatic changeovers. The Mechanical Case Packer M1000 is designed to allow for ease of machine accessibility for both maintenance and line operators. The personal care industry benefits from the case packing equipment’s durability, dependability, and attentiveness to fragility.

The shrink wrapping machines from Brenton are perfect for the personal care industry as they incorporate quick changeovers and tool-less part changes. With speeds up to 80 cycles per minute, these shrink wrapping machines ensure personal care products are properly packaged. The high speed shrink wrapper Series 90 is servo controlled for continuous motion and operates with time efficiency. The heat shrink wrapping tunnel T280 includes a touchable offset outer skin, plastic conveyor chain, and a stainless steel option. If you want high quality packaging for your personal care products, Brenton’s T280 is the perfect solution.

Robotic packaging systems are also available from Brenton. The deep robotic programming and integrating capabilities that the Brenton robotic packaging equipment offers excels in vision guide pick-and-place for high speed packing of personal care products. The robotic material handling systems have a small footprint, variable speeds, and simple programming. With a wide variety of options, products in the personal care industry are perfect for the robotic material handling systems. Size and shape isn’t a problem, in fact, these systems adapt to small scales, odd sizes, and randomly oriented pieces.

The robotic case packers are perfect for the personal care industry. Robotic assets are re-deployable to accommodate a wide range of sizes and product types—cartons, pouches, cans, bottles, etc. If you are in the personal care industry and are looking for quality equipment to properly package your products, Brenton has the perfect machines for you.