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Poultry Packaging Industry

Major Poultry Company Project

Poultry Robotic PalletizerRecently, Ossid introduced a major poultry company to ProMach to discuss End of Line automation.

During a meeting with all three ProMach Business Units, Ossid and the poultry company discussed solutions in the packaging line using automation systems.

The result - ProMach received the business of the major poultry company, over four competitors, all because of their strong relationship with Ossid.

Brenton’s Involvement:

Because the poultry company had no experience in an integrated End of Line system, ProMach was able to pull from its various businesses to create a fully automated system. Brenton’s involvement included a robotic palletizer, case loader, case reject, and bag merging conveyor.

Brenton has a strong commitment to providing customers with robotic packaging systems. With an understanding of the diverse needs of industries, Brenton, powered by ProMach, was able to provide the poultry company with the right robotic packaging equipment for their product requirements.

From the case loader and case reject to the bag merging conveyor, Brenton’s systems are innovative for automated use in the packaging line. Specializing in case packing, palletizing, and robotic solutions, Brenton provided the poultry company with innovative solutions for safely conveying and packaging chicken pieces.

Robotic Packaging Systems offer diversity without sacrificing reliability. By incorporating deep robotic programming and integrating capabilities, Brenton robotic packaging equipment is superior in providing customers with vision guided pick-and-place, high speeds, and FANUC integration. Brenton’s machines offer a compact footprint and unsurpassed uptime.

Other ProMach Divisions Involved