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Retail Ready Packaging

Brenton is responsive to customer needs arising from sustainability and cost influences. In fact, we were one of the first packaging manufacturers to design machinery for Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) applications. Brenton equipment improves customer efficiencies with faster product replenishment and minimal handling and increases effectiveness of product display within the secondary packaging.

Display / Shelf Ready Packing Equipment & Machinery

You may also know Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) as Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) or Display Ready Packaging (DRP). However your company describes it, Brenton case packers can help you achieve your goals so you can send a display tray to market where the shipper converts to a display tray in seconds with minimal packaging material to discard.


  • Avoiding lost sales opportunities due to out-of-stock situations
  • Enabling faster replenishment
  • Using imaginative designs to compliment the primary pack and improve product recognition
  • Improving overall supply chain efficiencies