Salt Producer Needed Routine Maintenance on a Robot

Project Overview:
A major salt producer needed routine maintenance on a robot and instead got major labor savings and increased flexibility by calling Brenton.

The Customer Challenge:
When a FANUC robot at one of the customer facilities required maintenance, operators called the 1-800-Robotics number listed on the robot – a Brenton number used by FANUC as Brenton is a preferred FANUC Certified Servicing Integrator. After the customer talked to Brenton they became interested in the efficiencies inherent in robotic palletizing. The operating conditions at the facility challenged contending integrators and suppliers – machines had to operate over the course of two shifts in a harsh salt and high humidity environment with a temperature range from 50° to 110° Fahrenheit. The corporate office also has a long term strategy to automate as many systems as possible with current technology.

The Pro Mach Solution:
The Brenton aftermarket team visited the plant and effectively troubleshot and retrofitted the existing line and cell. The Brenton system allows the customer facility to reliably and consistently move the same amount of product out the door with fewer people. The facility once required 12 people to meet production requirements but now requires only 4, a huge labor savings. Also developed by Brenton especially for the customer was an automatic changeover bag picking tool. It allows flexibility for the same robot to pick from two different lines and place on two different pallet build stations. Brenton’s commitment to helping the customer achieve peak machinery performance, even though they did not install the initial robot, has given Brenton more opportunities with the customer on new projects.

Pro Mach Divisions Involved:
  • Brenton
  • Currie by Brenton
  • Orion