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Technology Company Has New Project to Replace Existing Packaging Line

Project Overview:
A leading technology company filled out a form on the Pro Mach web site detailing a new project to replace an existing packaging line. The lead was passed to Brenton, whom closed the deal by letting the potential customer visit an existing customer where a successful End of Line solution was already in place.

The Customer Challenge:
The customer needed to replace an existing packaging line to increase capacity and automation accuracy. They wanted to be able to confirm that the correct carton was selected, and the correct product and leaflet were packed. Also of high importance was selecting a provider that could provide superior reliable customer service and timely delivery of spare parts.

The Pro Mach Solution:
Imperative to closing this deal and building the customer’s confidence in Brenton was a plant visit to another Brenton customer, site of another successful total End of Line solution. Brenton presented an automated retail multipack line for packaging ink jet cartridges, operating at speeds up to 220 cartons per minute to increase capacity by 30%. The line integrated 6 work cells, including a robotic de-palletizer, robotic tray unloader, continuous motion horizontal cartoner with literature placement devices, carton nesting, shrink bundler, printing, and robotic case packer. It utilized peripherals including vision, coders, scales and RFID, increasing accuracy by 20%. Most importantly, the process was now verifiable. Brenton dedicated a project manager onsite until the entire line was installed and running. During the process, Brenton was informed that it was the only new vendor to the customer and has since become a key supplier.

Pro Mach Divisions Involved:
  • Brenton 
  • Wexxar