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Bottles in Trays

Robotic Palletizer for trays with bottles

A Brenton tray erector forms and glues a four-corner tray and conveys the finished tray to the tray load station.  The robot picks a layer of product and places it in the tray.  Once bottles are deposited in tray, arms on two adjacent sides of the end-of-arm-tool (EOAT) folds down and applies vacuum to sides of the tray. The robot moves the tray/bottle combination from the discharge end of the tray former and places it on the palletize station.  

At the palletize station, vacuum is released from tray sides, arms retract and vacuum is released from plenum.  This repeats until the final layer of bottles is placed to the load build station.  Once load is complete, vacuum cups rotate into the fixture tray at the tray load station, then rotate 180 degrees to expose the bottom surface of the tray to the robot.  The robot picks the inverted tray and places it to the top of the load to act as a cap to the load. Finished unit loads advance out of the robot cell. 

Equipment Used in Video
•    Robotic Bulk Loader
•    Automatic pallet dispenser
•    Tier sheet dispenser
•    Frame feed conveyor

400 products per minute

4 different pack patterns

Products in Video
•    15 oz PET bottle
•    16 oz bottle
•    18 oz bottle
•    30 oz bottle
•    40 oz PET bottle

The Automatic Pallet Dispenser will feed a single pallet from the bottom of the stack that conveys to the build station. Next, a pallet is built either by alternating trays or slip sheets of jars.

The same robotic system loaded product onto slip sheets - click for video

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