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Bottles on Slip Sheets

Robotic Solution for Bottles on Slip Sheets

The sheet dispenser picks a tier sheet from the top of the magazine and deposits the sheet to the pick tray. The robot picks the tier sheet from tray and places it in the staged pallet at the build station.

Empty bottles are delivered via interconnect conveyor. Bottles flow to the pattern form area and accumulate in a cascading manner. Side rails on the conveyor pulsate to keep products from bridging and assure a consistent layer pattern. Nested layer patterns are achieved by side combs change parts installed per pack pattern.

Once the product layer is formed the robot picks the layer of product utilizing a vacuum tool. The robot proceeds to the build station and deposits the product on the base or layer sheet. The robot picks a tier sheet from the pick tray and places it on the build station. The process repeats until the final sheet has been placed to the load. The robot searches to locate the top of the frame stack, picks a top frame, and places it to the top of the load.

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