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Pactiv – ProMach Integrated Bag Palletizer (Brenton, Shuttleworth and Orion)

Brenton developed this automated solution to use a FANUC robot for palletizing bagged stacks of paper plates.

The system starts as bagged stacks of paper plates are conveyed to the robot pick zone via a Shuttleworth slip torque conveyor. There are bags of two different sizes presented simultaneously. A FANUC M-410iB/140H palletizing robot with multifunction end of arm tool picks one or two stacks of trays from the infeed and places them to the appropriate stack station. The robot’s custom tooling has the unique ability to handle the two different size plate stacks as well as empty pallets, tier sheets, two different size base trays, and top caps.

Once a layer is complete, the robot retrieves a tier sheet from the tier sheet rack and places it to the top of the completed layer. Once the load is complete, the robot picks a top cap from the magazine and presents the flange of the top cap to a print and apply label applicator. Label is applied to the flange of the sheet, and the robot proceeds to place the sheet to the top of the load.

The top platen of an Orion FA stretch wrapper lowers onto the top of the load, and folds the flanges of the sheet around the top of the load. The stretch wrapper proceeds to wrap the load with stretch film. The completed load is discharged from the cell and will be picked up by a fork truck operator. The robot is able to continue palletizing to the other line while the stretch wrap process is taking place.

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