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Robots Palletize 4 Production Lines

*Video includes audio summary

2 robotic systems with 3 robots handle the production of lines 1, 2a, 2b and 3. The robot cell system for lines 2a and 2b utilize a single FANUC M410iB series robot to palletize the production from two lines. The robot cell for Lines 1 and 3 utilize two robots within the same work cell. A FANUC  M410iB series robot is responsible for handling of pallets and sheets for both build stations as well as palletizing operations for production from Line 1.  A FANUC R1000-80H is responsible for the production from Line 3.

Cases are fed to the palletizing area on a shared interconnect conveyor for lines 2a and 2b; case diverter separate products to two case infeed conveyors. Cases for lines 1 and 3 are fed on shared interconnect and include case sortation to be provided.

Robots for lines 1, 2a and 2b pick a two row matrix of cases utilizing multi-zone vacuum tooling. The robot for Line 3 utilizes vacuum venturi tooling for case handling. Robots place the cases to the pallet in the appropriate location on the pallet for the product being run.  The robots continue pick and place cycle until a tier sheet is required or  pallet load is complete.

Finished pallets convey from the palletize station to the fork truck pick station at the end of the conveyor.  As a pallet indexes out, the robot repeats the cycles for pallet and base sheet placement. The system is designed to palletize cases, operating at speeds up to 24 CPM.

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