Robotic Material Handling Systems

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A wide range of applications are possible- high-speed, pick-and-place, sorting, and inter-plant routing. Size and shape of product isn't a problem as Brenton Robotic Material Handling & Robotic Pick and Place Systems are adaptable to small scales, odd sizes, and randomly oriented pieces. Whether using traditional robotic arms, delta robots or collaborative robots (cobots), Brenton works with customers to create a robotic material handling system to fit their application and footprint.

Brenton Robotic Material Handling Systems are especially beneficial when dealing with hazardous and potentially injury-causing materials, including repetitive motion exposure. As FANUC Authorized Systems Integrators, Brenton has access to a wide variety of robots and collaborative robots (or cobots) to help design a system specific to each of our customer’s needs. Typically, Brenton’s robotic material handling systems work to increase the automation and line efficiency for our customers.

Like every piece of Brenton equipment, Material Handling Systems and Robotic Pick and Place equipment are state-of-the-art. One machine is able to program a variety of shapes and sizes utilizing 2D and 3D vision systems, bar code readers and the Brenton end of arm tool library when needed by the application. The systems also exceed standards for cleanliness, purity, and product integrity. Robotic Material Handling systems can also be integrated with other secondary or end of line equipment such as palletizers or case packers and tested in a single FAT on the Brenton factory floor.

Features & Specs
  • Brenton partners with customers to create a material handling system that meets the application requirements
  • When combined with other end of line automation equipment, can be tested in a single FAT on the Brenton factory floor.
  • Experienced team of engineers and project managers create successful concepts and partner with customers to understand their automation goals.