RD1000 Robotic Depalletizer

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Brenton’s RD1000 robotic palletizers and palletizing systems are a flexible line of products that can be configured to meet specific application requirements and automate depalletizing operations. Using a vacuum grip end of arm tool, the RD1000 can be configured to move single or multiple rows at a time and place them on a conveyor. Depending on application requirements, the cell can include pallet conveyors and stackers for the empty pallets as well as sheet racks for the discarded sheets providing complete automation of the depalletizing operations.

Learn more by interacting with an Integrated Bottling Line animation.

Features & Specs
  • Efficient depalletization of bottles, jugs, jars or other similar palletized rigid plastic containers
  • End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) selected to fit application from either our standard tools or custom designed for the application..
  • Quick changeovers with little or no operational change-over and multiple case/carton size handling capability.
  • All key robotic functionality is integrated through the HMI / PLC versus through a teach pendent."