RT1000 Robotic Case Packer

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The modular-designed RT1000 top load/vertical load robotic case packer system brings several attractive features to customers who are looking to add automation to more efficiently manage their packing needs and sustain their business growth. Target markets and applications for the RT1000 include:

  • Consumer/commercial packaged food
  • Household chemicals
  • Personal care items

The RT1000 provides greater flexibility to customers to accommodate a wider range of products, and the ability to quickly program them into the system on the fly without outside assistance. This is accomplished through a simple-to-use HMI that can be operated by staff with varied skill levels. Additionally, the single-skid design enables the machine to fit into a truck for easy transport and set up.

RT1000 Interactive Animation
Learn more by interacting with a flexible line animation.
  • Standardized main design and customized infeed, according to application requirements
  • Clean design – all cables and wires imbedded into frame
  • Modular component design allows inline case erectors and sealers to be added as needed
  • Simple mechanical automatic changeover
  • Remote connectivity
  • Optional on-board cameras for remote support

Brenton's RT1000 Robotic Case Packers are well suited for a variety of industries including: