M4000 Direct Load Case Packer

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The Brenton M4000 case packer provides customers with a high speed, flexible solution for loading a wide range of products in cases or trays on the same machine. It forms, loads and completes up to 85 cases/trays per minute. The All-Servo Driven M4000 allows multiple pack patterns in wrap-around cases and trays, including economical 5-panel wrap-around cases for traditional RSC applications. Brenton merges traditional packaging and servo technology with innovative case blank handling to reach extremely high speeds in a small footprint for an inline machine. The result for customers is a fully automatic, extremely efficient machine with an uncomplicated, easy to maintain design.

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Features & Specs
  • Accommodates unstable, tippy products due to case coming to the product instead of product cross pushing into case
  • Innovative Blank Handling that allows for in-line flow of product
  • Proven product metering that allows for continuous motion and extremely high speeds
  • Custom Designed Infeed and Layout configuration to fit various product and plant layouts
  • Can accommodate case and tray pack patterns within a common machine
  • Optional automatic machine changeover to reduce machine downtime and improve overall machine efficiency"

Brenton's M4000 Direct Load Case Packers are well suited for a variety of industries including: