RC1000 Robotic Top Load Case Packer

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Brenton robotic case packing systems provide customers with flexible, high performance solutions for most case packing applications. Both high speed pick and place applications as well as multiple case load style systems are available. These systems are designed to the application requirements and can be configured to load RSC case or tray applications in vertical or horizontal pack patterns.

Even for simple high speed pick and place applications, automation is a great way to reduce repetitive motion injuries while helping increase overall production. Robotic solutions are low maintenance, flexible, and reconfigurable. Products can be picked from flighted conveyors or vision systems can be added to randomly pick and arrange products as required.

Features & Specs
  • Custom End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) designed to the application
  • Infeed customer to each product application utilizing robotics to stage and load.
  • Multiple robots can be included in the cell to achieve desired packing rates.
  • Accommodates wrap-around and RSC cases and trays
  • Optional data collection/reporting of production results
  • Optional integration with a case erector, sealer, palletizer, stretch wrapper and/or labeler.
  • Optional integration with vision software"