Robotic Palletizing System

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Brenton's robotic palletizing cells are not limited to single standalone machines. While we are more than happy to provide the standalone equipment, Brenton can also partner with our customers to create a fully integrated robotic palletizing or depalletizing system all managed through a single HMI and tested before shipment in a single FAT.

Most of Brenton's packaging systems include a standard RP1000 robotic palletizing or RD1000 palletizing cell. These core machines can be combined with other ProMach brand equipment or Brenton designed components to complete your end of line operations.With over Over 750 robotic installations in the field, Brenton has a powerful knowledge base to draw upon to design a custom integrated robotic palletizing or depalletizing system.

Features & Specs
  • Willing to partner with customers to create a fully integrated robotic palletizing or depalletizing system that goes beyond a standalone robotic cell
  • Brenton has production space to build the entire system in its Alexandria facility and include all auxiliary equipment in the a single FAT
  • Brenton's team of engineers and project management has experience creating successful concepts and partnering with customers to truly understand their goals for the case packing system.

With Brenton and Orion both located in the same building in Alexandria, the integration of these two brands into a single system provides a competitive advantage for our customers. The Brenton RP1000 Robotic Palletizer can integrated with an Orion stretch wrapper with either a single panel and HMI controls or separately depending on application requirements.

• Single FAT at Brenton's facility in Alexandria to fully test the machine integration before shipment to customer site
• Optional control integration to manage both the palletizer and wrapper in a single panel and HMI

Brenton's integrated palletizing cells can go beyond the standard robotic palletizing cell. Integrating the RP1000 with vision software, a labeler and label inspection station is a powerful way to streamline operations. The vision software can be used to determine case location and orientation to eliminate case registration hardware on the conveyor. The same robotic can also be used in combination with a labeler to have the label applied and then presented to a label inspection station which ensure the label is legible. For those labels that are illegible, the robot will know to place the case in the rejection station.

• Automated labeling and label inspection within the robotic palletizing cell
• Utilizes vision software to determine location and orientation of case which eliminates the need for case registration hardware
• Fully automated labeling process eliminating the need for human label inspection

Brenton's robotic experts can work with our customer's operations team's to design a fully integrated system to improve operational efficiency and reduce labor hours. If determined beneficial in an application review, Brenton will integrate a case infeed component to the palletizing cell. This case conveyor can take cases from the case packing operation and feed them directly into the RP1000 palletizing cell. The infeed can be designed to orient cases, meter them and form pack patterns to enable the robotic palletizing cell to easily pick and places the caes on the pallet.

• Automated case infeed including metering and pick pattern formation
• Single FAT at factory site before shipment to ensure faster installation and start-up