Conventional & Robotic Palletizers

The Brenton full line of palletizing solutions uses rugged designs which help maximize the reliability and value of your machinery. Palletizing systems range from box bot robotic palletizers to bulk robotic palletizers as well as conventional palletizing machinery. These systems are efficient and precise.

By offering both conventional and robotic palletizing products, the Brenton line of palletizers meet virtually every automated palletizing challenge and bring customers an expanded selection of:

  • Capabilities
  • Flexibility
  • Throughput
  • Investment

Find out more about the savings and solutions of the Brenton palletizers and how they can transform your packaging line.

The Brenton Box Bot series offers customers pre-engineered, configured robotic palletizing solutions. Modular engineering allows for quality control and complete flexibility in machine “design for your application.”