System Components

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Brenton's integrated system can be designed from the combination of standard machines and our standard library of system components. These components have been developed and standardized through Brenton's years of experience as an end of line integrator.

The Brenton A7 product settler / product settler is a compact machine utilizing controlled vibration principles to avoid case over-packing, allowing the case top flaps to close without interference from the product. Loose bagged products such as granola and french fries benefit from settling.

Unlike competitor settling operations that cause the entire machine to vibrate, Brenton's innovative technology ensures precise, focused vibration of only the rocker pulley system while the frame and components remain still, preserving the machine's integrity and longevity.

Brenton's offers pallet dispenser products for integration with our robotic palletizing cells. Each pallet dispensers is designed for efficiency in the product room, and offer a vast reduction in pallet handling. The pallet dispenser will quickly load pallets to increase production rates and reduce labor costs. When your production room thrives on speed and precision, these machines keep production moving quickly without sacrificing quality.