Food and Beverage

Food & Beverage Case Packing Machinery & Palletizers

Brenton has over 30 years of experience creating automation solutions for the food industry. By partnering with our customer, we successfully have designed and manufactured case packer machinery, palletizers using both robotics and traditional automation. Each of these machines allow companies in the food industry to cut the cost of manual packing operations, upgrade technology, increase throughput, and/or accommodate new or different packaging, and in turn, achieve top operational efficiencies. Whether our customers have frozen products or dry goods, rigid containers or flexible, Brenton has the knowledge and experience to create the end of line automation for their applications.

The Brenton case packer product line brings customers an assortment of automation solutions. Our top load case packers, side load case packers, and robotic case packers appeal to varying customers’ needs, ranging from simply wanting to upgrade their manual hand pack operation to those seeking cost-effective, energy efficient, sustainable solutions that incorporate the latest technology. Brenton product designs have smaller footprints than many case packers reaching similar speeds without engineering shortcuts or performance compromises.

The L1000 and RC1000 Robotic Case Packer are Brenton's top load solutions providing food industry customers with a flexible alternative to upgrade their manual low speed hand pack operations for tubs, cartons, bags, bottles, pouches, trays, and flow wraps. Brenton case packers occupy similar floor space on the packaging line as hand pack operations, with the added benefit of fully automatic performance. A case erector, case packer, case sealer, and palletizer can be integrated into one, compact frame.

The Brenton series of side load case packer systems provide customers with high performance, small-footprint solutions capable of loading products in multiple patterns in cases or trays on the same machine. The M2000 and M4000 case packers are side load case packing solutions that accommodate line speeds ranging from 10 cases per minute up to 90 per minute. Due to extensive collaboration with customers, Brenton side load case packers deliver benefits such as product simulation, superior collating methods, and automatic changeovers. The food industry benefits from all of the packing machines through increased up-time, efficiency, and ease‐of‐use with rapid changeovers—among the shortest in the industry.

Robotic packaging systems designed at Brenton allow high speed packaging of food. Specialized tools enable customers to pack multiple food products on the same line for maximum flexibility and productivity. From robotic palletizing to case packing, or customized robotic solutions, we provide food industry companies with solutions to contain costs and support sustainability efforts.

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