End of Line Robotic Palletizing and Complete Packaging Line Integration

A great example of what collaboration can achieve is found in a recent installation we completed at Snak King’s Freeport, Illinois, facility. Snak King, a leading manufacturer of both private label and branded snacks, was looking to automate their palletizing operations.

Brenton worked with Quest to leverage their collective experience and designed the optimal solution including Boxed Bots and IAVs. While Brenton handled the commercial and project management aspects of the EOL solution, Quest designed, built and installed a solution that helped meet all of Snak Kings' automation goals.

Quest, Brenton and a third ProMach brand, Zarpac, all worked together to bring this solution to fruition. “It wasn’t just a Brenton solution, it wasn’t just a Quest solution, it was a ProMach solution, mainly out of what was the best fit for Snak King themselves,” said Brian Guzek, Regional Sales Manager, Brenton.