Brenton has several case packing and palletizing solutions compatible with retail ready display cases. Whether packing products that require complex collation, a variety of pack patterns and anything in between, Brenton can provide case packing and palletizing machines to meet your requirements.

Case Packing:
Brenton offers a wide variety of options to side load and top load product into display or retail ready cases. These cases are often a variation on standard cases, but present challenges during the case packing operation to ensure that the case is formed and sealed correctly. Brenton has experience forming and sealing many of the standard display cases on the market and will bring that experience to your project. Whether looking for high rate traditional case packing or lower speed, higher flexibility robotic top load case packing, Brenton has a solution that will meet the requirements.

Brenton can create a palletizing solution from the most basic to extremely complex. Display cases can be challenging to palletize as typically a standard vacuum tool will lift the lid from the tray before it is "shelf ready". Through Brenton's experience in robotic palletizing, we have created a knowledge base of information on end of arm tooling and other successful strategies that can be used to palletize display cases. Whether the application requires a compact footprint or delicate handling of cases, we will work to design the palletizing solution to meet your needs.

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