Brenton has solutions to palletize and depalletize the empty jugs as well as pack the filled jugs into standard cases for shipment. Brenton has experience handling the jugs in a fast efficient manner to work with your application requirements. We have the experience to palletize and depalletize full layers at a time with our MP1000 tool where higher rates are needed, as well as standard full row picks with our standard RP1000 and RD1000 solutions.

Conveying empty filled jugs also requires managing the "bounce" to keep the jugs upright and spaced correctly. When filled with liquid, these same jugs may swell and create challenges packing into a case or palletizing in a pattern. Brenton can work with your team to define a solution that will minimize both risks and optimize your operations.

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HDPE F-Style, HDPE Industrial Gran-N-Go, and PETG Plastic Oblong Jugs in one to several gallons