Brenton has several case packing and palletizing solutions for your product tubs. Whether they are being packed into standard RSC, wrap around or display cases, Brenton can provide case packing and palletizing machines to meet your requirements.

Case Packing:
Brenton offers a wide variety of options to side load and top load tubs into cases. This mix of standard and customized equipment can be designed to meet the needs of the application. Brenton understands that tubs can be challenging to move at high rates especially when they are taller with a high center of gravity. We have experience managing the tubs through the infeed, creating pack patterns with inverted and non-inverted tubs in the same machine and managing push or surge product to minimize product rejections.

Brenton can create a palletizing solution from the most basic to extremely complex. Whether the application requires a compact footprint or delicate handling of cases, we will work to design the palletizing solution to meet your needs.

Tub tn
HDPE and PP plastic round tubs in sizes from a few ounces to several gallons