ProMach Brands Exhibit Their Amazing Chemistry with a Full-Service Solution for Adjuvants Unlimited

All in the Family

“Teamwork makes the dream work” is not just a fun rhyme to throw around at company meetings. This statement has been the driving force behind several projects where different ProMach business segments have come together to provide several solutions along a packaging line.

One company that was able to take advantage of the power of ProMach was Adjuvants Unlimited. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Adjuvants Unlimited is a leader in developing and producing advanced tank mix adjuvants and inert ingredient systems for post-patent pesticides in the agrochemical industry. Its driving mission is to utilize the power of chemistry to make life easier for the hardworking people who feed and fuel the world.

A Network of Solutions

This idea of contributing to a larger, broader goal began with Brenton, who was initially contacted about adding a top-load case packer to handle the company’s 2.5- and 1-gallon canisters. But the need for higher capabilities across the line quickly became apparent, leading Brenton to reach out to Zarpac for their expertise in line integration services.

With over 30 years of experience integrating packaging systems, Zarpac could bring the expertise to find the best solutions for Adjuvants Unlimited at all stages of the line. Instead of Adjuvants Unlimited having to seek out each vendor individually, Zarpac served as the main point of contact to coordinate ProMach options from depalletizing empty canisters through filling canisters, labeling, case forming and packing, pallet building, and stretch wrapping. Zarpac also managed the new line’s additional requirements such as quality assurance checkpoints throughout the entire system.

The ProMach Connection

After integrating several different companies, the final line became a fully automated packaging operation with 18 machines; 13 of which are from the ProMach brands including Federal, Zalkin, Pace, ID Technology, P.E. Labelers, PackLab, Wexxar Bel, EPI Labelers, Brenton, and Orion.

At the start of the line, empty canisters are brought to a staging area, where they are depalletized and positioned onto a conveyor by a Brenton RD1000. From there, an XACT-Fil Net Weight Filler from Federal fills canisters.

Like all ProMach products, the XACT-Fil follows strict quality standards to deliver the best solutions.

“By combining innovative controls architecture that processes over 5,000 real time measurements per second and our exclusive drive system, Federal provides our customers with robust, contact-free net weigh filling solutions that are easy to maintain and exhibits world class fill accuracy,” said Federal Vice President and General Manager Will Casey. “The result is an increased batch yield while practically eliminating product giveaway costs.”

After the canisters are filled, data is imprinted and labels applied from ID Technology, P.E. Labelers and PackLab systems. Cases are then formed by a WF-20 case erector from Wexxar Bel before syncing up with a L1000 top load case packer from Brenton.

Brenton’s L1000 is a small footprint, advanced top load case packer that provides Adjuvants Unlimited with a versatile solution for packing canisters. This fully automatic solution can operate unattended as a singular machine or can be integrated into a larger system like the Adjuvants Unlimited line.

“The L1000 is a good fit because it’s a proven solution,” said Kris Stubblefield, Regional Sales Manager, Brenton. “We have several top load case packers installed within the agricultural chemical industry with great results. This new line here at Adjuvants Unlimited is faster and more efficient than what they previously had.”

The cases then travel to a Wexxar BEL 252 fully automatic case taper where they are sealed and then robotically palletized.

Finally, chain driven roller conveyors move pallets to an Orion MA-DX Rotary Tower Stretch Wrapper for wrapping. The system is also outfitted with Brenton robotic corner board applicators for stability and safety.

Building a Legacy

Adjuvants Unlimited quickly saw the improvements from incorporating ProMach machines into the line. Production increased by 100 percent compared to the previous packaging setup, and complaints related to quality in the packaging reduced to near zero.

This fully functional integrated packaging line is a great example of ProMach bringing its product brands closer together to better meet the needs of its customers. Projects like this allow customers to have one central point of contact through Zarpac, and that contact really serves as a one-stop, full-service provider by connecting all the ProMach brands together. This level of project management and systems integration greatly streamlines the planning and design process, execution phase, installation, and start-up curve for packaging lines.

“ProMach really came in with a solution that gave us answers to all of our needs. Our customers wanted a full robust QC checkpoint system throughout, and they were able to give us one full system instead of going to different suppliers and piecing it all together,” said Matt McAdams, Co-Chief Operating Officer, Adjuvants Unlimited. “ProMach is a great company and we’d definitely be open to doing business with them again in the future.”