Pizza and Frozen Meals

Frozen Pizza Packaging Machinery & Case Packers

Brenton’s expertise in the frozen pizza market allows us to be a true partner in automation. Brenton has worked with pizza operations large and small. Ranging from regional producers needing medium speed capability, to the largest national brands requiring high-speed custom solutions. Regardless of the speed required, Brenton’s end of line system can improve efficiency, reduce material costs, increase production and better utilize our customer’s operating space.

Brenton's M2000 case packer is recipe driven allowing for pizzas both in and out of the carton. The changeover assist automatically changes over key axis points on the machine, when transitioning between recipes, to shorten downtime. With over 600 case packing installations, Brenton continues to be a leader in the case packing industry.

Brenton’s M2000 has been optimized for the pizza market. Our 30’’ wide body main, features a 25" pitch designed to handle pizzas up to 16" in diameter. This main retains all the features of our current 20" width machine, including the robotic set-up arm to easily handle pizzas from 10”-16’’ both wrapped and in cartons. In addition to the pizza case packer Brenton has a pizza optimized downstacker for collating loads prior to loading.

The RP1000 also has a standard library of End of Arm Tools (EOAT) that can handle a variety of box styles and can provide options to pick and place pallets and sheets as well as the cases. Each system comes pre-programmed with identified pallet patterns (either column or interlocking), and an integrated pallet building software.

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