Currie by Brenton’s MasterPal High Speed, Bulk Palletizer or Depalletizer Featured at Pack Expo

Sep 18, 2013
  • Palletizes or depalletizes whole layers of almost any type of product — up to five full 500 lb. layers a minute
  • Innovative, servo-operated rotary tool outperforms vacuum pick and rollers
  • See the MasterPal in action at Pack Expo Las Vegas, September 23-25, Booth C-1920

Alexandria, MN - Palletizing or depalletizing bulk items, trays, large loads, and bundles has often meant making quality or speed compromises due to the limitations of vacuum pick and roller technology. Currie by Brenton’s MasterPal™ eliminates these challenges with a servo-operated rotary tool and slat system that quickly and gently handle full layers of product with each motion.

MasterPal’s patented “cradle and place” technology palletizes or depalletizes whole layers of product weighing up to 500 lbs at speeds up to five layers per minute. In a single motion, MasterPal’s robotic arm provides consistent tight layer grids more reliably and at greater speeds than vacuum pick and rollers. The versatile end-of-arm tool is field proven for multiple applications and provides superior results for full or empty bags, bottles, cans or irregular shaped products, open or sealed cases, trays, display packs, bundles, and bulk products.

“MasterPal’s slatted apron completely supports an entire layer of product from the bottom,” said Jason Bennett, Currie by Brenton Product Line Manager. “This eliminates product handling limitations created by rollers or vacuum pick and place, which leave trays behind or fail to handle certain bulk items. With MasterPal, shape or type of product doesn’t matter; if it can be conveyed, it can be stacked. Even soft or gentle-requirement products can be handled.”

Currie by Brenton, powered by ProMach, will be exhibiting MasterPal at Pack Expo Las Vegas, September 23-25, in Booth C-1920. MasterPal will be integrated with six machines from other ProMach brands to demonstrate a complete End of Line system.

For technical questions about the MasterPal, please contact Jason Bennett, Currie by Brenton Product Line Manager at 800-535-2730 or at

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