Shrink Wrapper Equipment from Brenton Provides Wrapping Systems to Various Industries

May 13, 2012

Brenton offers several shrink wrapping machines to meet the needs of a variety of industries. Offering customers pack style flexibility with smooth product transfers, the shrink wrapping equipment ensures that quality and effective wrapping needs are met. The shrink wrapping equipment from Brenton makes for a solid shrink packaging experience. With features that offer quick changeovers and tool-less part changes, the shrink wrapping machines are friendly-user, effective methods of handling products. With the high speed shrink wrapper Series 90 and the heat shrink wrapping Tunnel 280, Brenton offers top-notch products to meet the needs of customers.

The high speed shrink wrapper Series 90 is servo controlled, known for quick and user-friendly changeovers, and includes the industry standard Allen-Bradley Plus PanelView touch screen. The Series 90 runs in a continuous motion, achieving high speeds for all pack styles including trays, pads, and bundles. With time efficiency, the high speed shrink wrapper Series 90 is meant for a wide variety of product sizes. Ensuring your products will be quickly and effectively wrapped, this shrink wrapper works at speeds ranging from under one cycle per minute to up to 80 cycles per minute. If you are looking for a quality means of shrink wrapping your products, the Series 90 is fast, easy to use, and effective. The product size range includes jars, cans, pet bottles, and glass bottles. Whatever industry you are in, whatever products you need wrapped, the high speed shrink wrapper Series 90 ensures user-friendly changeovers will occur.

The heat shrink wrapping tunnel T280 is another option for shrink wrapping your products. The T280 includes a touchable offset outer skin, a plastic conveyor chain, and a stainless steel option. Ensuring that your products are properly cared for during the process of shrink wrapping, the T280 is effective and efficient. Motors and bearings for a fan on the exterior top of the heat shrink wrapping tunnel are also included. An external heater replacement chain covering is also available for the heat shrink wrapping tunnel T280. To ensure that customers receive top-notch quality, the T280 uses heat technology to provide quality sealing. Additional add-on features are included in the heat shrink wrapping tunnel to assist in the manufacturing process.

To keep time efficiency, the T280 includes speeds up to 80 cycles per minute. The heat shrink allows for secured shrink wrapping, while maintaining high quality. The construction on the heat shrink is of the highest quality, a feature of the T280 that Brenton prides itself on. With four heat plenums feeding two heat zones with adjustable airflow, ensuring product shrink wrapping quality is imperative. For quick, effective results, the heat shrink wrapping tunnel T280 is the perfect solution.

The shrink wrapping machines and shrink wrapper equipment from Brenton are high quality and time efficient. Offering a variety of solutions for shrink wrapping needs, the shrink wrapping machines ensure effective methods. Used by a wide variety of industries, these machines work hard to provide quality services. The shrink wrapping machines from Brenton meet needs, without sacrificing efficiencies.

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