M3000 Variable Pitch Side Load Case Packer NEW

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The M3000 mid-range case packer completes the Brenton conventional case packing portfolio. Running 30-50 wrap around or tray style cases per minute, this solution is idea for the food and personal care industries. This compact footprint handles a variety of SKUs and pack configurations with limited changeover downtime. Changeover assist comes standard on the M3000 and case pack patterns can be configured through the HMI eliminating the need from outside support for new SKUs.

The M3000 has integrated Beckhoff XTS intelligent linear transport system. The XTS features movers that dynamically handle incoming and outgoing product. This track technology allows the case to dwell in some stations longer than others resulting in a smaller overall footprint with a higher case output rate. The track technology combined with the easy to use HMI, creates considerable benefits for packaged food, food service and personal care customers.

  • SMALLER OVERALL FOOTPRINTTrack technology reduces footprint required for overall operations compared to other similar speed models
  • STANDARD CHANGEOVER ASSISTProvides the customer faster, more consistent changeover with minimal manual changeover points
  • INTUITIVE HMIFeatures 2-touch navigation to the commonly used functions
  • EASY ACCESS DESIGNDesigned for easy maintenance and access to decrease overall downtime

Brenton's M3000 Variable Pitch Side Load Case Packers are well suited for a variety of industries including: