Brenton has several case packing and palletizing solutions for your product bottles. Whether they are being packed into standard RSC, wrap around or display cases, Brenton can provide case packing and palletizing machines to meet your requirements.

Case Packing:
Brenton offers a wide variety of options to side load and top load bottles into cases. This mix of standard and customized equipment can be designed to meet the needs of the application. Whether the bottles are plastic and we need to manage the "bounce" during conveyance or are glass and we need to manage the conveyance speed to avoid damage to the jars, Brenton can work with you to create a design to best suit your operations.

Brenton has solutions to palletize and depalletize the empty glass and plastic bottles as well as pack the filled bottles into standard cases for shipment. Brenton has experience handling the bottles in a fast efficient manner to work with your application requirements. We have the experience to palletize and depalletize full layers at a time with our MP1000 tool where higher rates are needed, as well as standard full row picks with our standard RP1000 and RD1000 solutions.

Bottles tn
PET and HDPE Plastic, Glass bottles in a variety of neck styles and shapes