Bulk and Bundled Bags

Robotic Bag Palletizing and Bag Depalletizing

Brenton has solutions to robotic palletize (RP1000) and robotic depalletize (RD1000) bulk and bundled bags. Brenton can create a palletizing or depalletizing solution from the most basic to extremely complex. Brenton understands the complexities of stacking bags where the internal contents shift to change the surface area of each bag as well as the end of arm tooling required to handle the different bulk bags and their content.

The RP1000 bag palletizer can palletize or unitize bags single or bundles bags ranging from 15-50 pounds. Bag styles include flat quad seal bottom and standard bags. Ideal products include pet food, animal feed, dry ingredients, seed, fertilizer and landscaping materials.

Whether the application requires a compact footprint or delicate handling of the bulk bags, we will work to design the palletizing solution to meet your needs.

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