Brenton has several case packing and palletizing solutions for your product cartons. Whether they are being packed into standard RSC, wrap around or display cases, Brenton can provide case packing and palletizing machines to meet your requirements.

Case Packing:
Brenton offers a wide variety of options to side load and top load cartons into cases. This mix of standard and customized equipment can be designed to meet the needs of the application. Whether looking for high rate traditional case packing or lower speed, higher flexibility robotic top load case packing, Brenton understands that frozen cartons can be wet or slippery, or have non-flat surface that cause issues when stacking into pack patterns or that the finish of a carton can affect how easily the stack is loaded into its case. Whatever the type of carton, Brenton has a solution and the knowledge to meet your requirements.

Brenton can create a palletizing solution from the most basic to extremely complex. Whether the application requires a compact footprint or delicate handling of cases, we will work to design the palletizing solution to meet your needs.

Carton tn
Seal end, tuck style and tray style cartons, and other custom cartons for frozen, refrigerated and dry goods.