Pizza – Shrink Wrapped & Cartons

Pizza & Frozen Meal Carton Packing Solutions

Brenton’s case packers can handle a variety of pack configurations in the same machine including pizzas that are shrink wrapped and in cartons.

Case packing machines from Brenton are reliable, efficient, and easy to operate. Conventional case packers have speeds that are unmatched when packing a dedicated range of products in side-load or wraparound cases. Our expertise in the frozen pizza case packing market allows us to be a true partner in automation.

The M2000 is Brenton’s intermittent motion side load case packer. Its current design has a more modern aesthetic, shortened installation time, and is intuitive to operate. The M2000 also improves overall machine “up time” by making changeover straight forward and repeatable. Brenton’s M2000 can be designed to handle pizza in cartons, shrink wrapped pizzas as wells as special requirements such as labels out club packs.

The RP1000 also has a standard library of End of Arm Tools (EOAT) that can handle a variety of box styles and can provide options to pick and place pallets and sheets as well as the cases. Each system comes pre-programmed with identified pallet patterns (either column or interlocking), and an integrated pallet building software.

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