Top Load Packers & Side Load Case Packing

The case packing machines from Brenton are reliable, efficient and easy to operate. With over 600 traditional case packers and robotic case packing installations, Brenton continues to be a leader in the case packing industry. Top load packers and side load packers are designed to create maximum efficiency while maintaining performance and precision.

The case packing machines from Brenton accommodate diverse products, including:

  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Pizza Cartons
  • Snack Pillow Bags
  • Tubs
  • Rice Cakes

To learn more about the wide range of products run on the case packers from Brenton, contact us today.

This video showcases the Brenton M4000 Side Load Case Packer. Watch as this system loads products on the conveyor and packs them with precision and speed.

The Brenton M4000 Side Load Case Packer is a high speed casing packing machine designed to accommodate a wide range of product applications. This machine is versatile, efficient, and easy to use and maintain.

The Brenton M2000 Side Load Case Packer is an intermittent motion case packing machine. In this machine, the M2000 is packing pizza cartons as they are loaded onto the conveying machine.

Watch the Brenton Pitchless Design Case Packing Infeed for side load case packing pizzas. This machine works efficiently to load and pack cases of pizzas seamlessly and safely.

This video Features the Brenton L1000 Top Load Case Packer as it packs snack pillow bags. Used in the food industry, the L1000 features a sterile construction for a clean and reliable packaging environment.

The Brenton L1000 Case Packer is a top load case packing machine designed to pack diverse pack patterns and options. In this video, the L1000 is packing tubs of product quickly and effectively, maintaining the integrity of the product.

Working with a wide range of industries, Brenton offers packing solutions that are versatile and effective. The Brenton L1000 Case Packer is a top load case packing machine used to pack sealed cups of cereal.

This video, featuring the Brenton M2000 Case Packer, showcases the speed and precision of packing rice cakes. Working with the food industry, Brenton offers sterile, safe, and dependable casing packing machinery.