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Brenton Innovations

The Innovations Continue

The history of Brenton, LLC. demonstrates our commitment to innovation. Our dedicated and experienced workforce assesses each project with a careful eye to offer the BEST possible packaging solution for each customer's particular needs. Our commitment to our customers has resulted in many innovative designs suited to handle a broad range of products.

High Speed Lane Divider

Continuous Motion Metering Pins

Product Turner

Infeed – High Speed Product Tipper

Product Infeed – Flexible Product Downstacker

Infeed – Upstacker & Product Tipper

Pick-and-Place Loader

Bottle Case Loader

Robotic Pick-and-Place

Double Index Loader

Dual Infeed - Robotic Case Packer

Robotic Corrugate Partition Inserter

Gantry Palletizer

Palletizer with Pop-Up Turner

High Speed Robotic Case Palletizer – Dual Infeed

Robotic Corner Board Placer