Box Bot Robotic Palletizer

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The Brenton Box Bot series offers customers pre-engineered, configured robotic palletizing solutions. Modular engineering allows for quality control and complete flexibility in machine “design for your application.” Customers can pick from available options to meet specific application requirements saving precious lead-time.

The Box Bot configurations start in two base designs: modular or skid-based and offer optional slip sheet stations, pallet racks or dispensers integrated into the base robotic cell.

The modular design has configurations for either floor load or conveyor load applications, while the skid-based design fits within a single truckload sized skid enabling rapid on-site installation. All cells are designed to RIA standards and come standard with QBOX pallet building software.

Interactive with the Box Bot palletizer

Learn more about the Box Bot's features through our interactive animation!

Features & Specs
  • The QBOX DifferenceQBOX pallet building software allows operators to design and produce exact pallet patterns. This eliminates the need for a service call to build a new recipe, saving time and money. QBOX alerts the user to errors with patterns formed and accounts for "label out" in orientation. The easy-to-use, intuitive software resides in the Box Bot PLC eliminating the need to connect to an industrial PC.
  • Venturi Vacuum GripperVacuum style gripper with foam pad can handle corrugate cases, slip sheets and pallet. Distributed vacuum over a larger area than a vacuum cup system ensures the tops of the cases remain flat during transport.
  • Activated Roller Belt (ARB) ConveyorEnsure cases are registered to the correct location prior to picking without the use of clamps or other devices and selectively turns cases when required to form a pick pattern.
  • Slip Sheet StationSlip sheet dispenser will reduce labor required to completely automate the pallet building process in your operation. This optional feature is available on both modular and skid based systems.
  • Optional Automatic Pallet DispenserThis optional feature holds up to 12 GMA or chep pallets, dispensing to the build station for quick exchange.