BrentonPro Mach-3 Servo Continuous Motion Case Packer

The BrentonPro Series Mach-3 case packer is all-servo driven and utilizes continuous motion in all sections of the machine for improved product stability; the case never stops moving from erecting to discharging the case. Environmental impact of packaging operations is minimized through the appropriate use of electronic and servo drives, resulting in less wasted energy and product and packaging materials.

Decentralized motors minimize carbon footprint on case packer

Innovative motors designed by Bosch Rexroth integrate motor and drive elements to (1) minimize the overall footprint within a control cabinet, necessitating a smaller air cooler, which (2) reduces the machines overall dependence on energy while freeing up valuable floor space.

Benefits of decentralized motors over conventional motor solutions:

  • 30% or more energy savings
  • 50% cabinet size reduction, saving floor space and money
  • Up to 85% savings on required cabling
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  • Features & Specs:

    Footprint 26'-5" x 7'-4"
    Speed Up to 40 cases per minute (pack pattern, case size, and accumulation dependent)
    Product Type Bottles, cartons, cans & tubs
    Case Type RSC, HSC, tray, wrap-around & harness
    Minimum Case Size No set range predetermined, accommodate wide range of sizes
    Maximum Case Size No set range predetermined, accommodate wide range of sizes
    Display Rexroth VEP 12" TFT Color CE
    Magazine 6' low level
    Frame Continuous welded frame, Gray Powder Coat
    Electrical Requirements NEMA 12
    Air Requirements 80 PSI @ 16 cfm
    Options Run Multiple Case Pack Patterns
    Stainless Steel or Washdown
    NEMA 4 or 4X Electrics
    Extended Magazine
    Formal Training Program
  • Additional Features & Specs:

    • All-servo driven, side load case packer.
    • Smaller footprint than traditional continuous motion machines to minimize floor space usage.
    • Lighter moving mechanisms allow for smaller servo/gearbox combinations to lower up front and operating costs.
    • Digital magazine counters assist user-friendly changeovers.
    • A single product infeed guide makes it easier to remove bad product.
    • On-demand operation follows upstream production rate.
    • Cases accommodated include RSC, HSC, tray, wrap-around, knock-down, and harness cases
    • Product types accommodated include cartons, bottles, cans, and tubs.
    • Continuous welded frame is standard for a long service life.
    • Light weight aluminum guard package is seamless, built into the frame of the machine for a smaller footprint and eliminates gaps that can pose sanitary issues with extrusion.
    • Walk in design allows easy access into the machine for cleaning and maintenance.
    • Designed with sustainability in mind, each electronic and servo drive is sized according to its torque requirements to reduce overall power requirements of the machine.
    • Electronic drives also replace inefficient and costly air powered devices to reduce compressed air requirements.
    • Good solution for companies focused on increasing throughput, reducing automation costs and maximizing manufacturing efficiencies.
    • Ideal for anyone wanting to reduce downtime and the total cost of ownership over the life of the machine.
    • Increases profitability and minimizes the environmental impact of packaging operations with less wasted energy and product and packaging materials.
    • Provides customers with a high speed flexible solution for loading a wide range of products in cases or trays on the same machine.
  • Case Packer Solutions:

    Robotic Case Packer or Traditional Case Packer
    Which is the optimal solution for your company?

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