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Brenton M4000 Servo Continuous Motion Case Packer

Offering the economies of a 5-panel wrap-around case in traditional RSC case applications, the M4000 Servo Continuous Motion Case Packer merges traditional packaging and servo technology with innovative blank handling technology to achieve speeds up to 78 cases per minute.

The M4000 innovative technology enables high on-the-fly speeds. Servo controlled technology enables rapid pack pattern loading into cases.

The M4000 serves bottles and all case types of cartons including wrap-around, five-panel, RSC, tray, and harness. With time efficient speeds, minimized floor space, and the ability to run unattended, the M4000 ensures effective use. With rapid, tool-free changeovers, the M4000 is time efficient. Able to handle irregular shaped products, this machine has superior stability. Developed through value engineering utilizing customer input, not only is the M4000 a detailed machine, but it incorporates the needs and desires of customers. Product simulation, a redesign using fewer custom parts, and automatic size adjustments are only a few examples of the innovative M4000.

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  • Features & Specs:

    Standard Configurations
    Operating Speed Up to 85 cases/(pack pattern, case size, and accumulation dependent)
    Standard Specifications
    Product Type Bottles and all types of cartons, and others upon request
    Case Type
    • Wrap-Around
    • 5-Panel
    • RSC
    • Tray
    • Harness
    Features Benefits
    Fully Automatic Runs unattended; no operator required
    High Speeds Maintains same rate or faster than packaging line
    Compact Footprint Minimizes floor space usage
    Uncomplicated Design Allows ease of maintenance and tool-free changeovers
    Low Level Magazine Ergonomic design reduces operator strain while loading blanks
    • Stainless steel or washdown designs
    • NEMA 4 or 4X electrics
    • Extended magazine for additional capacity
    • Formal training program
  • Additional Features & Specs:

    • Continuous motion forms, loads and completes up to 75 cases or trays per minute
    • Allows multiple pack patterns, and accommodates harness and wrap-around cases and trays, including economical 5-panel wrap-around cases for traditional RSC applications.
    • Unique merger of traditional packaging and servo technology with innovate blank handling creates extremely high speeds in a small footprint for an inline machine.
    • Positive transfer of the case blank over to the flights with nip roller traps
    • Metering pin operation involves additional motion to assist moving product downstream.
    • Increased efficiency and ease-of-use with rapid, tool-free changeovers among the shortest in the industry
    • Intuitive touchscreen Human Machine Interface
    • Numerous ergonomic features, such as a low-level magazine for loading case blanks.
    • Fully automatic, extremely efficient machine with an uncomplicated, easy to maintain design.
    • While it offers good value for almost any customer that needs a high speed case packer, it is particularly useful for customers packing a variety of products in both trays and cases.
  • Case Packer Solutions:

    Robotic Case Packer or Traditional Case Packer
    Which is the optimal solution for your company?

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