Palletizing Equipment: Conventional & Robotic Palletizers

Browse through the palletizing videos to see Brenton palletizing systems in action. The Brenton full line of palletizing solutions uses rugged designs which help maximize the reliability and value of your machinery. By offering both conventional and robotic palletizing products, the Brenton line of palletizers meet virtually every automated palletizing challenge and bring customers an expanded selection of capabilities, flexibility, throughput, and investment.

Conventional and Robotic Palletizers and palletizing solutions are designed to accommodate a wide range of applications, including:

  • Pet Food
  • Trays
  • Jugs
  • Cases

Find out more about the conventional palletizers and robotic palletizing systems from Brenton by contacting us today.

MasterPal provides consistent tight layer grids of palletized product through a unique “cradle and place” technology.

Learn more about the MA-ST Robotic Bag Palletizing System as it palletizes dog food bags in this video.

Watch the Brenton HL1000 Palletizer as it palletizes jugs of product. This system is an automatic machine designed for packaging operations at high speeds. Serving multiple packaging lines as well as single lines, the HL1000 is flexible and efficient.

Featuring the Brenton HL1000 Palletizer, this video showcases how trays of products are moved through the conveying system onto the palletizer at high speeds without sacrificing the integrity of the product.

Watch the conventional palletizing of cases, featuring the Brenton HL1000 Palletizer. This palletizer is efficient, dependable, and effective in stacking cases of product on a pallet with precision and stability.

Ideal for palletizing cases, this video showcases the Brenton RP1000 Robotic Palletizer. Designed to handle cases with complex pack patterns, the RP100 is a flexible robotic palletizing system.